Load tests

Static load tests

Through the positioning of water mattresses (or equivalent loads) and appropriate instrumentation for reading the movements with precision 1/100 mm (LVDT) it is possible to carry out static tests of testing or verification of bearing capacity.

APPLICATIONS: static testing of new or existing buildings, verification of load-bearing capacity and deformation, testing of bridges and viaducts

EQUIPMENT: water mattresses, LVDT sensors, telescopic rods and fleximeters

Dynamic load test

The new national legislation (NTC08) requires the determination and / or verification of the basic dynamic parameters of buildings (natural frequencies and damping) for seismic checks. By means of suitable accelerometric sensors it is possible to evaluate the real parameters of a structure or a building to verify them with those of the project both during the testing phase and during the analysis phase to carry out new interventions (change of intended use, elevations, renovations …) . Particular applications allow to detect the tension load of metal tie rods to support push structures (vaults, arches …).

APPLICATIONS: research of modal frequencies of buildings and structures, seismic vulnerability checks

EQUIPMENT: accelerometers, LVDT sensors, acquisition units and postprocessing software