Consulting Services

Advanced Consultancy for Structural Monitoring

macroDIAGNOSTICS SRL, under the expert guidance of Eng. Sandro Pariset, evolves its services by introducing advanced consultancy in the field of structural monitoring. Leveraging years of experience and technical know-how, we now offer specialized consultancy to guide our clients in implementing their monitoring systems.

Planning and Strategy in Monitoring

Our new consulting service includes:

  • Monitoring Plan Definition: We assist in designing tailor-made monitoring plans, ensuring that every aspect is carefully considered to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Types of Sensors and Technologies: We advise on the most advanced and suitable technologies for each specific structural need, ensuring precise and reliable monitoring.
  • Sensor Selection and Placement: We provide expert recommendations on the choice of the most suitable sensors and their strategic placement, optimizing data collection.
  • Measurement Periods: We offer guidelines on the optimal duration of monitoring periods, balancing the needs for detail and costs.
  • Data Interpretation: We help clients understand and interpret monitoring results, providing valuable insights for informed and timely decisions.

Experience and Innovation at Your Service

With a history of success in civil engineering, macroDIAGNOSTICS brings its experience and innovation to the service of its clients. Our approach to consultancy is based on in-depth and personalized analysis for each client, ensuring solutions that not only meet immediate needs but also anticipate and prevent future challenges.

Your Trusted Partner for Structural Safety

Choosing macroDIAGNOSTICS means relying on a trusted partner in the field of structural monitoring. We are here to guide you in choosing the best strategies and technologies, ensuring that the safety and efficiency of your structures are always a top priority.